Last time I was staring at a blank screen was when I was writing an email to a successful blogger. With three children, a husband, two dogs and a blog that earned her so much that dogs were looking shiny, she looked like a great prospect. All I wanted was a backlink.


I am writing this post with a feeling that the entire Internet is looking at me. The first post and I know that there is actually no one there. It seems that everything else has changed but my way of staring.

At that time I knew that one can earn from a blog. Wherever you click, new Income Report with crazy figures would appear. That’s it. I can finally get out of offline business where the phone keeps ringing, both when it’s urgent and when it’s not. To get off the planet where clients do not have a sense for deadlines but do have a sense for late payments. And finally, to vanish from the planet Clients.

Blogs! When everyone is making money, so can I!

Yeah, right.

At that time, I felt that I could make money, but I earned nothing. Knowing that you cannot earn money overnight, I wanted to earn it relatively quickly. To take the shortcut.

SEO? Just three letters, what could possibly be a problem there?

My name is Nikola and I should have known better.

Enough about me. Why are you here?


  • You are tired of work from 9 to 5, but you’d rather have a solid plan before you rush into blogging as a way of Rapid and Enormous Enrichment?
  • You also know that it is not particularly realistic way of thinking
  • Although you are aware that money is not the goal but only an asset in life, you have no dilemma that there is money to be made from blogging
  • You’d know how to spend free time with a new family and old friends?
  • You are convinced into a Passive Income concept, but you are not naïve and you know that you’d have to work your ass off to reach the point where every other notification on your phone is informing you about income
  • You would work and make effort, that’s not the problem, and basically, you are not lazy. But what has to be done, how and in which order? That’s where complications could occur.

If this is you, at least sometimes, and if I’ve put just a tiny smile on your face, give me a wink in the comments and this will be a good hanging out.

And since my first few attempt of earning money with blogs failed, through randomly spending money and trying a lot of strategies, I finally made it work. Now I am hooked. After few years I finally got something. I need to experiment and polish it even further. That’s what this blog is all about. My journey of documented experiments and processes in order for a blog to start earning and having the longterm business.

If I find an alternative to expensive premium tools, I will share it here. If there is an outreach method which is using positive models of interpersonal relations, I’ll try to use it. If I ever earn more than $2 with this ‘Blog as a Business’ project, we’ll have a beer on me. Whatever it takes, just to avoid spending my days in the office.

See you in a bar.

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